RestorationWindows.com has been performing classic wooden window restoration and repair in the Boston area for over a decade.

Specializing in wooden weight and pulley windows and original wooden casement windows, from high-end restoration to basic repairs.  RestorationWindows.com is the cost effective and energy efficient way to maintain the integrity of your home.

Our fine craftsmanship preserves a window’s original structure and classic look of your home while improving energy efficiency, function, and appearance.  The finished results are environmentally friendly, long lasting and more sympathetic to the design of your older home than window replacement.

Broken ropes, stuck sashes, drafty windows and damaged woodwork are our areas of expertise.

Based in Concord and Newton MA we service the Greater Boston area.

RestorationWindows.com is a fully licensed and insured company, our staff enjoys benefits including medical, dental, life and disability insurance, paid holidays and vacation time as well as retirement plans. Our specialized, professional, and courteous staff has over four decades of combined experience in the restoration and woodworking trades.